Pattern can be described as a repeating unit of shape or form, but it can also be thought of as the skeleton that organizes the basic parts of a composition. Repeating visual elements such as line, color, shape, texture, or image tends to unify the total effect of a work of art as well as create rhythm, which reminds us, of course, of music in general and, more specifically, drums. 93.7% of graphic designers work while listening to music. Now, I did just make that statistic up, but i would be more than willing to bet that the true percentage is something very close to this.



A drum pattern is a rhythmic pattern or repeated rhythm establishing the meter and groove throught the pulse and subdivision, played on drum kits and other percussion instruments. Drum Patterns or rudiments are used as exercises for performers to hone their technical skills. They are every drummer's basic tools. 93.7% of songs include drum lines. This time, I didn't make that statistic up. I literally counted all the songs in the history of music to get it. I am a Sabian Artist and a "Mozart Chahine" Ambassador. Contact me for private lessons.